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Deep Innovation Mosel: this is why we love our customers (and they love us back)

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Wir sind sooooooo gerührt über das tolle Feedback und stolz darauf, was aus einem unserer Herzensprojekte "Deep Innovation Mosel" entstanden ist. In unserem nächsten Blogbeitrag erzählen wir euch, was genau wir mit den "jungen wilden" Winzern durchlebt haben, die mit dem Ziel gestartet sind "Let's make Mosel great again", und wie wir in diesem Prozess gemeinsam gewachsen sind.

Hier erstmal der Grund, warum wir unsere Kunden lieben und warum wir so gerne das tun, was wir tun:

"Working with Katja and Charlotte has been an immensely rewarding experience for our burgeoning group of Mosel winemakers. Tasked with the monumental challenge of unifying diverse philosophies and forging a collective mission, their guidance proved indispensable.

From the outset, Katja and Charlotte demonstrated an exceptional ability to bring calm and order to our meetings, which was crucial for a group as varied as ours. Their approach was not just about organizational skills; they excelled in setting a tone that allowed open and effective communication. This was particularly evident in the way they tactfully "put us in our place," a strategy that opened the doors for honest dialogue and resolution of ongoing conflicts within the group.

The processes introduced by Katja and Charlotte were thoughtfully tailored to our needs. Through these, we not only aligned our goals but also cemented a lasting partnership characterized by mutual respect and collaboration. Their influence extended beyond professional guidance; it fostered genuine interpersonal connections among us, turning colleagues into friends.

Our journey over the past year with Katja and Charlotte at the helm has been transformative. We have evolved from a collection of individuals into a cohesive and driven team. The foundation they helped us build has not only enhanced our current operations but also set the stage for future endeavors. We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with Katja and Charlotte and are excited about what the future holds under their continued mentorship.

As we look ahead, it's clear that the impact of their coaching will resonate with our group for years to come, a testament to their skill and dedication." (@Philippe Grandbois, Grandbois Weine

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